Company Registration Service in China

WFOE(Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise)& JV (Joint Venture)

  • Organizational Form

    An enterprise legal person is established in accordance with Chinese law, and the corporation can independently assume civil liability. The corporation shall bear economic liability up to the amount of registered capital.

  • Business Scope

    The business scope must be within the limits of Chinese laws and regulations. If it involves domestic regulated business (such as food, alcohol, import and export trade, medical instrument, etc.), it is necessary to apply for a corresponding license before

  • Articles of Association

    According to Chinese laws and regulations, a WFOE should have an articles of association that meets the requirements and should be filed with the registration authority.

  • Shareholders

    1-50 shareholders

  • Registered Capital

    The registered capital is a subscription system

  • Operation Period

    There is no limit to the operation period.

  • Employee

    Labor contracts can be signed with employees, and the number of employees is unlimited.

  • Bank Account

    Various types of accounts can be opened provided that the relevant requirements of the bank are met. WFOE can enjoy various services such as financing and wealth management from various financial institutions.

  • Taxation

    1. Corporate income tax --actual basis of assessment.

    Comprehensive tax rate for small and micro enterprises:

    5% of profit below 3 million

    25% of profit above 3 million

    Exemption from foreigner dividend tax (20%)

RO (Representative Office)

RO refers to the offices established in China to engage in non-profit activities related to the business of enterprises in that country.


Other restrictions of RO:

1 A foreign enterprise must have existed for more than 2 years before setting up a RO in China.

2 A RO cannot be converted into a WFOE/JV, only after cancellation, a new WFOE/JV can be re-registered.

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