Export Tax Refund Services in China

Export Tax Refund
Procedures for Tax Refund
  • 01.
    Apply for VAT refund
    After the goods have been exported, the exporter must submit an application for VAT refund to the tax authorities within 90 days.
  • 02.
    Submit documentation
    The exporter must provide various documents, including the original invoice, customs declaration form, export declaration form, and other related documents.
  • 03.
    Verification and approval
    The tax authorities will review the application and documentation to verify that the goods were indeed exported and that all necessary taxes were paid.
  • 04.
    Refund process
    Once the application is approved, the refund process will begin. The tax authorities will transfer the refund amount to the exporter's bank account.
  • Application Time
    Export enterprises shall declare once before the 15th of each month according to the application requirements (except for bid winning business, agricultural and sideline products and reply letters).
    Required Documents
    When applying for a tax refund, trading enterprises must submit the following four declaration statements:
    The Detailed Declaration Form of Purchase Certificate for Tax Refund of Export Goods reflects the purchase tax of the export goods. B. The Detailed Declaration Form for Tax
    Refund of Export Goods reflects the customs declaration and export of the export goods, as well as foreign exchange verification and cancellation, among other things. C. The Summary
    Declaration Form for Export Tax Refund of Foreign Trade Enterprises provides a comprehensive summary of the data, statements, taxes, commodities, documents, and other information related to this declaration. This form is also the final table for the tax refund department to review and sign.
    Declaration Form for Batch Export Tax Refund and Purchase.

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