Tax Audit Assistance Service in China

Tax Audit Assistance

In China, statutory audits are required for all Foreign-invested Enterprises every year. We have close contact with professional CPA firm which can issue tax audit accordingly.

The goal of tax audit assistance is to ensure that the audit is conducted fairly and accurately, and to minimize any negative impact on the client's financial situation.

  • save time
  • reduce stress
  • minimize the impact
  • Our Services
  • Preparation of documentation
    The tax audit assistance provider can assist the client in preparing all necessary documentation and records required by the tax authorities.
  • Representation
    The provider can represent the client during the audit process, negotiating on their behalf and responding to any inquiries or requests from the tax authorities.
  • Compliance review
    The provider can conduct a review of the client's financial statements and tax filings to ensure that they are in compliance with applicable tax laws and regulations.
  • Audit defense
    The provider can help the client defend against any proposed tax assessments or penalties resulting from the audit.
  • Appeals
    If necessary, the provider can assist the client in appealing any adverse audit findings to the relevant authorities.
  • Consultation & Proposal

    Advising you on the best solution for your
    business and provide you our comprehensive proposal.

    Sign & Payment

    After reviewing the proposal, we sign the
    service contract and receive your payment.

    Prepare Documents

    We send you an application form as well as
    the list of documents we need from your side.

    Consistent Assistance

    We accompany with you in all-round process
    and share with you the update polices.

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